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The National Food Of Condolence

Oh heyyy, Readers, heyyyyy.  I know it’s been like a year, or something, since the last time I posted – sorry about that.  I’ve been trying to deal with my shit (finally got that therapist!).   However, the Ubiquitously Omniscient … Continue reading

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Ain’t That Some Sh*t!?!

I think…       I think I was in love and I missed the memo about it.       Yea, no.  I know.  I’ll give you some time to wrap your brain around how that could even be … Continue reading

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3B3- Part 2

It’s been a million years since I’ve posted on my blog.  I don’t even have a good excuse.  Being busy is unacceptable, however it is true.  Fret not, my Mean-ions, your favorite (top 100) blogger is back…for now.  -__-   … Continue reading

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I am on the precipice of “officially” being old.   That doesn’t bother me so much as this nagging feeling that I am running out of time to achieve all that I will ever achieve in my life…in the short 4 … Continue reading

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Guest Blog Post: iPods, Craigslist & The Biebs

Hello Mean-ions. I’ve outsourced again! I am actually working on a post, but my lovely cousin, The Primadonna, had a quick story she wanted to share. I thought it was quite hilarious and it’s clear, to me, that the talent for falling … Continue reading

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iHate Patrón…

Let me tell y’all this about my ridiculous Saturday night. I have to tell it to you the way I remember it – in flashes. Here are the lessons I learned from this adventure because you, apparently, can never learn enough lessons. … Continue reading

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Biscuit Burning Chronicles – 3

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::sigh::   It pains me to write this.   It really does.     ::dramatic pause::     This week’s B.B.C. is about…Apple.   ::wails:: I KNOOOOW. I KNOW. I am simultaneously shaking and hanging my head in shame. However, … Continue reading

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