Biscuit Burning Chronicles – 3

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::sigh::   It pains me to write this.   It really does.     ::dramatic pause::     This week’s B.B.C. is about…Apple.   ::wails:: I KNOOOOW. I KNOW. I am simultaneously shaking and hanging my head in shame. However, … Continue reading

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Biscuit Burning Chronicles – 2

Biscuit Burning Chronicles: Take II   Aaaaannnnnnnd…ACTION!     Ok so, I am currently unemployed.   Yes.   Again.   Trust me. One of my friends is probably praying to all the Ubiquitously Omniscient celestial beings for something to come … Continue reading

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Biscuit Burning Chronicles – 1

I’m starting a new thing. I need to write more often, but there is no way I can keep up with writing 3,000+ words every few days. So I’m gonna write the “Biscuit Burning Chronicles” to get out, one thing … Continue reading

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Stream of (unconscionable) Consciousness III

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It’s that time again!!!! Whooo! The recesses of my brain have been active.  So brace yourself; I have a lot of complaining and rhetorical question asking to do.  If you’re not beat, you know the routine – please alight the … Continue reading

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Stream of (unconscionable) Consciousness II

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I don’t know what it is. I just get these random moments where things happen to just pop into my mind.   Just like *boop.*   That’s how this stream of consciousness thing seems to work for me. It’s stuff … Continue reading

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The Fitness Misfit: Running, Vol. 1.2

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::sigh:: I hate running. No. No. I hate running. Like, I really, really, reeeeaaaalllly hate running. So…why do you do it? ::sigh:: F*ck if I know. LOL! Nah j/k. I want to be an awesome runner. I want to be … Continue reading

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Stream of (unconscionable) Consciousness

Ok well maybe unconscionable isn’t exactly what will be put on display, but I’m a sucker for a catchy title… This post is a little rough though. If you have a weak stomach or you ate glitter and rainbows for … Continue reading

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