3B3- Part 2

It’s been a million years since I’ve posted on my blog.  I don’t even have a good excuse.  Being busy is unacceptable, however it is true.  Fret not, my Mean-ions, your favorite (top 100) blogger is back…for now.  -__-


Anyway here is part two of my 30 Before 30 list.  I also have an update regarding my progress on achieving one of my goals on the first list.  So, with that, let’s jump into it!


24. Learn to shoot a bow – “I’M KATNISS!!!”

Listen.  We all know that this world is well on its way to The Hunger Games.  The writing is the wall.  I figure I should be able to defend myself and hunt for food after the bullets are gone.  I mean I need to ensure that the odds are ever in my favor, dammit.

This is CLEARLY the answer…clearly.


23. Go to more concerts – I. Love. Music.  I would consider myself an audiophile.  I just cannot seem to get enough music.  SMH, iTunes has gotten so much of my money over the past 8 years, it’s disgusting.  However, I continue to feed the beast because concerts are tricky – at least for me.  Let me explain.  Some of the artist I love only go on tour once every million years or I’m never in the same state to partake in their music awesomeness.   This will, hopefully, change.  I think I need to become more stalkery to find where they are playing.  I also need to widen my geographic music travel map.  I am taking applications for a road trip/concert buddy!


22. I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle – Now I know I can just take classes, but why would I do that when BOTH of my parents know how to ride!?  Exactly I wouldn’t.  Again, they don’t seem to want to teach me.  I’m beginning to take offense to this.  It’s not like I smell or anything.  I mean I think I am a good student.  I did pretty well in school.  I just don’t get why they won’t teach me.

I also am being a cheapskate.  Those classes are like $300!!!  I am so poor right now, it’s not even funny.  So I slap this in the “I have four years to do it” sublist.


21. Travel across Central & South America – I’ve done Asia and I’ve never had much of an interest in Europe (barring GB and Greece).  South and Central America have several things going them that naturally appeal to me and would totally make me spend my NONEXISTENT tourist dollars.

  • Heat – I love the heat.  I think I might be the only person to ever be extra hype to be on the equator. 
  • Beaches – I like non-New Jersey beaches.  If you’ve grown up near the Jersey Shore, travelled to a tropical island, then came back…you know EXACTLY what I mean.  IDK about you all, but I like to be able to see the sand under the water.  Call me picky.
  • Music – I’ve already gushed, in a weird and creepy way, about how much I love music.
  • Sexy men – First person to come up to me and say this, I’m marrying.  Plain and simple.  I have all the “shockolate” you’d ever need sir…



::ahem:: Anyway, I mean this would totally be an educational trip!  I could use my Spanish skills, get a gorg tan, get wasted on the beach and eat delicious food.  What could possibly go wrong!?  NOTHING!  Exactly my thought too.

BRAZIL or BUST (I know they don’t speak Spanish there.)!!! But first…HEYYYYYY SOMOAAAAAA, HEYYYYYY!!!!

Because the possibility to meet one of the Rock’s cousins cannot be turned down…EVER.



20. Take a helicopter ride – Umm…this sounds mad fun!  I missed the LivingSocial deal for it last summer.  I hope it comes back around this spring or summer.  If it does, maaaaaan I’mma act a straight fool!  I don’t know what is up with me wanting to be so high up in the sky.  You’ll see what I mean when you read my future list posts.


And, finally…


19. Learn how to relax with a purpose – I think only a crazy person, i.e. me, thinks that relaxing ought to have an end game.  I’ve had times in my life where I was supposed to be relaxing, but my brain never shut the hell up!  It’s cruel because my body gets exhausted, but my brain stays #NeverChillin.

So how do I fix?

I think I may need to pull a Russell Simmons and learn how to meditate.  Or maybe take up yoga again…(no).  I don’t know!  I need to find something that will help me smooth it all out and allows my mind and body to chill so I won’t feel like a crazy person sometimes.

I’m open to suggestions.  Drugs and alcohol are not options.





I turned 26 last month, and I would love to tell you all that I feel at ease about everything, but I can’t.  I get so anxious, and work myself into such a tizzy, that I begin to feel sick to my stomach.  I legit think that by the time my 30th b-day does get here, I’m going to need a script for Prozac or something.  However, I am making progress toward some of these goals.  I have been taking Spanish lessons for the past month and a half, I think.  I have no freaking clue how I’m going to be come fluent, and that’s not a reflection of my tutor.  That is purely a reflection of me.  Man… SER and ESTAR are going to be the death of me…far before my 30th birthday arrives.


Ugh.  Just…::sigh:: just pray for me, man.






Speak your mind…



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4 Responses to 3B3- Part 2

  1. E3 says:

    I never thought of you as a mean person. I find you hilarious. Of course, now you can say something mean and prove to me that you are mean, but I will know the truth.

  2. Missy LL says:

    lmao @ Katniss!! I will be your concert buddy! ….JayZ and JT in NYC. Essence Music Festival in NOLA….. Bey….well you may not like that one (I may have to drag you there to make you a “Beyliever” lol
    Great Post!!!!

  3. If you’re going to take a helicopter ride, go big. I took 1 over Niagara Falls when I was younger.. so worth it.

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