Resolutions, Smesolutions…

New Year.

Same me.

Ain’t shit changed, but the date.



By now you all know that I don’t exactly follow the rules. Big surprise there. However, I do think it is important to keep with tradition, so long as that tradition isn’t archaic or ridiculously unreasonable. So my tradition is blogging on the first day of the new year!

Yea second annual NYD post!!! Don’t worry, this won’t take too long, I have to get ready for a party.

Anywho, unlike last year, I’ve no “love” woes to reflect on this year, however I’m in no short supply of last minute jerk moments that brought 2011 to a close. And for those moments I must plea a mea culpa for my “douchieality”* showing up. I didn’t intend to have so many Kanye moments, but like so many other things, it just sort of happened. So for those I know I’ve had a douchy moment or two with I’d like to formally apologize, as my 7 blog followers bear witness to this history making moment. <– It’s not that I’ve never been wrong, it’s just that I rarely apologize for it. You really have to make me feel bad to do it. One of you out there is really scarily good at doing it. Jerk.

Sooo, anywayz, without further adieu:


Thank you to my AMAZING parents. Thank for teaching me the power in and honor of hard work.  Thank you for being my safety net. For letting me mess up and being there to clean it up. Thank you for listening and providing me solace. Thank you for sacrificing your own piece of mind time and time again for mine. You two are so great and work so hard and I know we don’t say it enough, but we appreciate you for it and we are so proud of you! Thank you for loving us the best way you knew how: unconditionally. Thank you for everything. I hope that one day I can (maybe) be as loving, supportive and intuitive a parent as the two of you are. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


I’d like to say thank you to my inner circle. Thank you so, so much. You guys (actually all ladies and one dude) have been incredible, and I hope that I was half the inspiration, cheerleader, and voice of reason you all were for me. You all are my role models and I hope that I can grow to be as conscious, thoughtful and humble as you all are. Thank you for keeping my overcompensatingly arrogant (for no good reason, might I add) ass around and in line. I know certainly needed it. Thank you for urging me to stop and take note of what I have accomplished and recognize it is not necessarily something everyone can achieve, because if they could, then they would have done it. And, finally, thank you for talking me off of my obscenely narcotic mental ledges and letting me know that a set back is simply an opportunity to reassess my plan and find hidden alternatives that were waaaaaaay better than what I had originally crafted. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Moving forward, I don’t really have a resolution. I mean sure I’d like to be less of a fat ass, make money (a lot of it), and so some other erroneous things that fall in line with the usual New Year’s Resolutions. Sure, I’m human(ish) and would like to achieve or at least stay motivated to continuously do these things beyond say, oh, I don’t know, March. Buuuuuuut I’ve recognized, because of those aforementioned last minute 2011 jerk moments, I need to go beyond ::ahem:: shallow resolutions. I need to go beyond a resolution. I need to actively commit to and demonstrate the following:

  1. Replace HUBRIS with HUMILITY<– SMH. I think I just set myself up for failure.
  2. Practice PATIENCE
  3. Stop taking myself so serious <– Ugh. I think this is hardwired into my DNA.
  4. Be more perceptive. Think beyond the current moment and understand how my current actions will effect how (and when) the dust will settle.


I can tell you now, number 3 is likely to be the first thing go. I mean a good leader knows their weaknesses and how to compensate for them (or at least that’s what they told me in my MBA leadership classes). It’s a toss up between 1 and 2 which will be the next to fall. However, I know someone who practices number 1 really well, so maybe I’ll get some insight. Whatever, number 4 is the only one I think I can effectively do kinda sort of well…probably…maybe…until March! 


LOL. Yea point is I’m likely to still be an arrogant, self-righteous, A-hole in the new year, but I’m allowed to at least *try* to be less of one.


*KanyeShrug* Here’s to trying (and subsequently not being all that successful at) new things. Oh well!


Cheeeeeeers to the freakin’ New Year!!!



Speak your mind…



*Note: Douchieality- (n) Is a contraction of Douche and Personality. FYI. Use it in your daily lives. word of the day eat your heart out!

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4 Responses to Resolutions, Smesolutions…

  1. Hunni you are a mess but I love it. Im not with the resolutions at all…all we will do is freaking break them then say eff it! I cant get down with that….life is full of positives and negatives….whats the point in adding more failures! So continue to be real….

  2. Cary Watkins says:

    I am typically not one to speak my mind or share my opinion with the masses… Well who am I kidding of course I am. For the purposes of this response I will consider myself the 1 guy in your inner circle. If I am not that is still not ok but just don’t tell me as it will deflate my self esteem and no one wants that the first of the year…

    While I normally hate to join the masses and blog, there are some comments to be made.

    Your typical friend would tell you that this was a very good reflection on yourself and the right attitude to have going into the new year. Well I think that to be nothing but BS and I will of course tell you why. Patience is nothing but the ability to sit and wait for things to happen on their own. Excuse you for going out there and making things happen for yourself. The desire to make things happen is something you should never lose and those that are patient should envy about you.

    Also, what jackass told you that you should go ahead and change your personality from being a jerk and arrogant? Hopefully its not one of those inner circle people because if it is, then your circle should be one person smaller. Why change a winning formula? Your arrogance is your drive and desire to be the best. That is what told you that that first degree was not enough. That is what says to you yes I need to be that person, I need to be better than everyone. That is what got you to where you are today. Your attitude is nothing but a kick ass screening process of the people that come in and out of your life on a daily basis. Look around you. Look at that inner circle of friends you have. Those are the people that see you for the strong person you are and look past the loud opinions and attitude. You have done nothing but filtered out all the ridiculous BS people that stumble their way into your life. Does that make you a jerk? Absolutely not. That makes you very selective with a side of strong opinion. The people that think you are a jerk are those that really aren’t beneficial to have around anyway.

    Life will always be nothing more than a constant reflection on the decisions you have made. Let me just clarify. For you now, the decisions you have made so far have been all the right ones. And this is a lesson everyone can learn from that reads this. It is the right one because you made a decision. You tried. You made the effort. In the end you either got the desired results or you learned an invaluable lesson that can be passed on and shared with family and friends making you all the more knowledgable. Of course if you never questioned the decisions you made before than you can not learn and grow from them. But don’t be that person that gets all caught up in the past wondering If you just wasted years of your life. I can assure you, the more time you do that, the more years you actually will miss.

    I am not the most insightful person, nor will I ever have all the answers but I do have some. And if the question were to come up wether or not there was something to change about you, without a shred of doubt I would not hesitate to say yes. You need to remember that you won’t settle, you are the best, and that is what will get you to the top. If you want to make a resolution that you can keep that you can use mine. (Anyone reading feel free to use it as well I don’t mind sharing) first, remember where you came from. Next, never stop learning whether that be from a book or stranger on the street. Always be true to yourself and be the person you want to be. As long as when you look in the mirror you are proud of yourself, that is the only approval you need. And finally, have faith in what you do and that it will get you to where you want to be in your life. And that is a resolution you can sink your teeth into.

    Another fine year has passed, with another one still to come. Oh and your parents totally are super cool and awesome…


    Yes it’s me…

    • Indeed, my good man, indeed. Everything you say is true enough. However, in the spirit of being us, I challenge your acceptance of my arrogance and jerkiness. Can I not still be motivated with less of a-hole like demeanor? I mean, c’mon, we both know no one likes an a-hole, that is unless they are rich. And even then the on lookers still whisper how much they hate said rich a-hole. The irony is I’m less, if at all, inclined to change. Like many others, it often takes something huge to knock your life’s photo out of focus, in order for you to fully grasp the big picture and know, or better yet understand, your role in it. I’d simply like clarity before some life jarring cause wreaks havoc-like effects on my life, to ends unknown, and forcibly makes me take notice of the things I know need to be changed; things I had the power to change way before I was faced with difficulty, which, as we all know, is often times loss. <– Knock on wood. I do NOT need any bad JuJu.

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