Scared Strait Suspicious!

Whooo!!! It’s been a long time. Sorry about that Mean-ions. I’m almost done with the Philly semester then it’s off to CHINA!!! Whooo! In the meantime, however, I’m going to try to get back to giving you all what you need– The world as I, The Mean Black Girl, see it! And I’ll tell you now, I’m comin for punks and at fools! #shotsfired


Have you ever been scared?

Yea, I know, I know. Crazy question because the likely answer is a resounding “YES!”

However…I’m talking about a new scared.

A scared, that is known by many different names and manifests itself in multiple ways. The most common manifestation is the side eye. Yup. Giving someone the side eye is actually portraying this “new-ish” type of scarediness.

The type of scared I’m talking about is suspicion.


I know, I know, it makes noooo sense, but rock with me on this.

Being “scared suspicious” is a natural reaction, in my opinion, to things that you know “just ain’t right.” Let me give you an example. Let’s say that a close “Frienemy” decides to go out of their way and do something really nice for you. How do you respond?

That’s right! You’re scared suspicious!!

You are trying to figure out what this person’s angle is. You know good and gotdamn well that if the ship were sinking, they would not only be the cause of it, but they would also be the first person off the damn boat!! So now you want to know, “WTF do you want from me!?!”

You know it’s true. I’m witnessing this right now! A friend of mine told me about this person that has supposedly changed. From her stories and what I have seen with my own two peepers, I just think this person is doing way too much. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor and CUT IT THE HELL OUT!

Call me paranoid, cynical, or REALISTIC,  but I do not believe people just change. I believe they either become better liars, or the people they choose to hang out with are very dumb and naïve. I mean suuuurrrrre people “change,” but in the words of Jay-Z “You are who you are playa,” and who you are will come out not matter what. Where ever you go, there you will be.

I was recently told that being scared suspicious is actually a good thing. Hmm…I don’t know about that. I mean to an extent, you can never really trust anyone if they decide to shake up the routine. I’ll give you another example. My parents are crazy. #Fact!  When I was younger I knew that if I did something they didn’t like, then they were gonna yell. Ok. Now, I knew it was really, really, REALLY bad, when they didn’t yell. Instead they would talk to me in a calm and rational tone. This scared me suspicious!! I knew, I KNEW, it was the calm before the storm! I KNEW IT! I could feel it in my pre-teen bones!

Scaring someone suspicious can be a powerful Jedi mind trick! I mean you can have someone on complete edge by just changing how you decide to approach them! You know who does a good job at scaring people suspicious? Kanye.

Yup. Kanye.

You have not even the slight inkling of what that man will do next! Nope. Is he gonna scare more Republicans and Tea Partiers (Read: White folks {some, not all}). *Shrug* I don’t know. Is he gonna create another cult classic CD? *Shrug* I don’t know (Probably). Is he gonna team up with another Hip-Hop heavyweight and rap about other random breakfast or holiday meat? *Shrug* I. Don’t. Know. (I hope so. Imma bout to go B.A.C.O.N. {Batshit And Crazy On N***as}. No? Hmm. It’s a work in progress.)  What I do know is, when it comes to Kanye, I am scared suspicious! Plain and simple. And if Chris Brown’s simple self keeps it up, we gon be scared suspicious of his lil flighty self too! #Pause: How you scare the people at GMA!?! How do you trump that!?! Ahh, yes, that’s right, leak a naked picture of yourself on the internet and get back with your OBVIOUSLY crazy and “nappy-headed ex.” <– Not judging (at least not aloud), just sayin. #Stupid.

LaToya Jackson is another one that scares me suspicious…

I mean c’mon… Her…I mean…she. I. #SCARED.

I think it’s the voice. I just don’t trust it.

Nope. Not one bit.

*Self musings* Did someone marry her crazy self? No seriously. Did someone marry her?

*Shrug* Whatevz.

Finally Nikki Minaj, who I think I kinda respect now, scares me suspicious. <– I know, I know. #Shame. #SHAME!!!

Yup she does. She does hustle something stupid though, right?!

She did a music video in neon colors and a black light.


I thought I was gonna have a seizure. I don’t even know what was supposed to be going on! The colors were so loud I temporarily lost my hearing.  That’s right, I could not hear. #TrueStory, ask my mother…who happened to be sitting next to me asking, “Who the hell is that!?”

Me: “Huh!?”

Mom: “Who is that!?”

Me: “I’m not quite sure, but it looks like Fraggle Rock threw up on them.”

Mom: “I think it’s Lil Kim.”

Me: “Then it must be Nikki Minaj.” *Rolls eyes and shakes head*

The only thing that normalized my hearing was watching an hour-long block of Lady GaGa videos… which at some point I realized I slipped into some type of psychosis and had been talking to myself aloud in incoherent sentences for some span of time. <– Yea, the fact that I actually sat for about an hour watching GaGa videos, makes me scared suspicious of myself.

Whatever, the point is, being scared suspicious is not a game! No! It’s you life’s signal to you saying, “You know what? This, this right here, may not necessarily be a good look for you…#I’mjustsayin.” You should probably just walk away and let whatever it is go ‘head on.<– LOL  yes, even your subconscious uses hash tags!

Speak your mind…

Note: I do want a Nikki Minaj, GaGa, Beyonce summer banger.

Shut up, and stop judging me!

I know. I KNOW. *side eye*

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