Over It All!!!!!

You know what?

God don’t like ugly.


Not in any way, shape or form!

I am, right now, in the Newark train station.

I am in the beginning phases of a hangover, my pants of my $200 Calvin Klein suit are ripped, and I almost fell face first in a puddle of piss that was conveniently left in front of a bench.<– Fabulous!

My fake $12 Uggs are now trash! They smell like the subway stairs in the summer! Also, I'm a bit worried about my safety. The Newark train station is apparently where the economically displaced go to seek refuge. Now the people who are sleeping, they're fine…it's the ones that are yelling at you, but talking to theirselves or following you around asking for change that give me pause.

This is exactly what I get for laughing at a friend of mine who recently fell down the stairs while taking out the trash.<– It's still kinda funny.

I don't want to be my friend right now! I don't want to touch me. I don't want to talk to me. I don't want me to sit next to me!

I am having some serious self esteem issues right now. My shit is fucked and I don't like it one bit!!! I'm going home and taking THE hottest shower ever!! I'm going to try to grow new skin after sanding it off with my mango body scrub. I pretty much plan on using all of the hot water tonight. I plan on dropping my suit and coat off in the morning to the cleaners and tell them to use some super strength shit to get my clothes right.

Today started with so much promise. It was fun. It was intoxicating.<– literally!

Then it all went to shit!

SB: There is a cop here who is a total douche! Why are you harassing the homeless people? He just told a guy that if he wants to stretch out then he ought to go across the street to the Hyatt. He then threatened to break the homeless man's foot because apparently he wasn't moving fast enough for him. Finally, he callously reminded the man that the terminal was not his house.

Really!? That's what we're going with huh?

Then, because a power trip is never complete unless you fuck with multiple people who can't fight back, he proceeded to embarrass another man. This man, who also is homeless, had his pant leg up scratching his leg. The cop approached him and asked him what his problem was. The man did answer, he just stared at the cop. The cop repeated the question then asked the guy if he had any diseases or medical issues he should know about. Again the man didn't say anything. The cop, growing increasingly indignant, demanded the man lower the hood of his jacket as he addressed him. The cop then told the man than if he had dry skin, then he needed to get some lotion. <– Seriously!? The man doesn't have a place to lay his head or constant meals on the regular, but he should worry about being well moisturized!?

The majority of the men who are homeless are black and the cop was white. I'd like to think that race had no role in this, but the officer never addressed any of the white homeless men as he made his "rounds." Maybe I'm a little too sensitive, given my current state of affairs, but I doubt it. The cop, who btw is all of 5'3" tall, I suspect is suffering from a Napoleonic complex. I suspect that if these men weren't in their particular situation, that this cop wouldn't have disrespected them in such a way.

Then again…he has a badge, so who really knows.

I'm officially over today. O-VER IT!

I can't wait to just go home…

Thankful to have a home.

Speak your mind…

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4 Responses to Over It All!!!!!

  1. Primadonna says:

    lol loved it

  2. teah says:

    Omg…iHope yhu make it home safe…yhuve had a horrible couple of hours…

  3. elly. says:

    winter in train stations = homelessness showcase.

    thankfully nypd is comparatively good with homeless folks. it helps keep penn station safe. respect everyone and it’s less likely that an irate, unwell, cold and hungry homeless person will lash out at the other humans sharing the space.

    was great to see you today! sorry to hear about your awful commute. 😦 come back soon?

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