Guest Blog Post: This is a PSA…Get Your Sh*t Together!

Hello Mean-ions!!! I am swamped this week! So as means to give you an outlet at work and keep you coming back, I have outsourced to guest bloggers! Today, I am honored to have the musings of my wonderful friend, Truth Be Told. She and I go way, way, waaaay back to a miserable summer some 10+ years ago. She is a mother and wife of some beautiful people! And of course, because she’s my friend, she calls it like she sees it!!!

So, Meanies, without further adieu, I give you Truth Be Told… *Applause*

Let me say, I truly love my family. I really do.  And anytime we get together we have a lot of fun. Not long ago a few of us were sitting down eating a delicious Sunday dinner (Soul Food style) at my grandmother’s house. During the meal’s discussion my cousin’s name came up. He could not figure out why his “relationships” (trust me, we are using the term loosely) weren’t working out and why he was still single. The underlying reasons were obvious to everyone, except him. So we decided to compile a list as a way to explain it to him to him. No, SERIOUSLY. But as we were writing it, I realized he probably isn’t the only person with some of these issues. So I decided to share this list with the world…

1. You can’t keep a job.

Ok, ok, yes there is a lack of jobs and unemployment is at an all time high. That being said, mopping the floor should not be an “employment deal breaker”. Didn’t you know that was one of the duties of a custodian when you applied for the job?

2. Personal hygiene isn’t high on your list of priorities <–Side eye…

I know I’m OCDish when it comes to bathing, but a thirty year old man should know that showering and brushing your teeth is an important part of your daily routine.

3. Maintaining an acceptable personal appearance isn’t on your to do list.

A hair cut and properly groomed facial hair goes a looong way. Trust me. And let’s not forget about ironing. Sure, it takes a few extra minutes of your time. But is it worth it to prevent looking like your outfit just came out of the hamper? Yes…yes it is.

S/N: No one needs to know, nor do they care, that you wear Ralph Lauren boxers. PULL UP YOUR PANTS and WEAR A BELT!!

4. You spend eight hours a day playing video games

Now don’t get me wrong, I love playing Wii Sports, so, to an extent, I understand why a person would want to play video games. They’re fun. I get it. HOWEVER, at some point, it gets to be ridiculous. Seriously, your whole day revolves are Madden, SoCom, and/or Call of Duty? WOW.

5. You still live with your parents…

But honestly, where else would you live with no job, no money and no plans for the future?

Hopefully this list was helpful to someone because it certainly was not well received by my cousin. We were only trying to be help and he had the audacity to not appreciate it. People…I tell you!

Speak your mind….

You got something on your mind?! Send it to me. If I deem it worthy, you’ll see your words right here on TMBG! Note, I do hold the rights to change some to the words so that they mesh better with the style of MY blog. Soo…HMU!

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